Big Money Rally

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Introducing the BMR app. For 2015, there are versions available for both Android, aand iPhone. We are excited to expand the opportunties for more BMR riders to use the app if they so choose ***These apps are NOT required to participate in the Big Money Rally***

Special thanks to RenoGrace, #000, #044, #093, #222, #358, #381, #385, #415, #442 for the enormous amount of assistance and testing which they provided to make sure everyone has a solid and trouble free BMR app experience.

The BMR+ 2015 Android app can be installed from here 

The iBMR 2015 iPhone app can be installed from here

1.   To use the app, setup is fairly simple. In both the Android and iPhone versions, click the "Settings" button in the top left of the app home page. Enter your secret key provided by the rally master. The is the address you use to send email currently and is the part IN FRONT of the email address you received in your instructions.

2.   After entering your secret BMR key, clicking "Save" will save your settings. Clicking "Test" will also save your setting but will also generate an email for you, and post it to the BMR website. All IPhone users, and Android users utilizing "Phone Email" will have an email launched for them. Just click send. The rally master **STRONGLY** suggests that you utilize the "Test" option to verify your setup is working properly.

3.   After pressing Test, AND sending your email, go to and verify that your email posted successfully. This could take a few minutes to show up for some users.

4.   To change the color of your "DIC" to your personal preference, click on "DIC" on the home page of the app. Select one of the available colors (small boxes) and click "Save".

5.   To submit a bonus (that you have taken the time to ensure you are close, and contains the required elements to earn scorer LUV!) Click on the BMR logo in the middle of the screen. This will launch the camera. Take the picture by pressing on the (Android: Rally logo, iPhone: White dot). To Zoom (Android: "Volume" up and down, iPhone: "Pinch" the screen in and out) For Flash (Android: Click the lightbulb, iPhone: Click the lightning bolt)

6a.   In the Android version, you will be presented with a page where you can fill out the Bonus Code (or check "PP") *required, Bonus Title *optional, and Groovy words *optional. Then click "Submit Bonus". "App email" users are done at this point and can proceed to the next bonus. "Phone Email" users will have an email pop up, which they then need to click "Send".

6i.   In the iPhone version, you will be immediately presented with an email which has already been filled out. ***NOTE*** all iPhone emails are created as (PP)'s which score no points. To submit for points, change the subject line of the email from (PP) to the bonus code you are claiming (XX123), without the () part. Then click "Send"

7.   That's it! We try to keep it as simple as possible. You can check the BMR website by clicking "BMR Website" at the bottom of the app.

8.   Remember to make it easy on the scorers, and most importantly, be safe and have fun.

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