Bubbler GPS

Bubbler GPS

Bubbler GPS can be installed via Google Play.  There are 2 versions, "Pro" and "Lite".  Both versions have the same instructions, but differ in 3 areas:

1.  Lite can store 5 track points or messages between internet access.  Pro can store 1500.

2.  Lite can create track points (orange SpotWalla.com dots) in 15 minute intervals.  Pro defaults to 10 minutes, with 5 minute intervals possible.

3.  Pro can take pictures, and show those pictures in your trip map in SpotWalla.com. 


SpotWalla.com Setup:

Go to SpotWalla.com and log in as you normally would. At the top of the page, select "Devices". Select "Create a Device".

For "Device Type" select "Bubbler GPS". Enter a name for your device you will use with Bubbler under "Description". For "Serial Number" type anything you would like, many users choose their phone number. This value is not used within Bubbler GPS, but must be unique to you. Select your preferred region then click "Create Device"

Highlight the device you just created and choose "Web API" from the menu that pops up. Click the "Enable" button. Devices that have not clicked this button will show up with an orange dot in Bubbler and cannot be used.


Initial Setup:

After Bubbler GPS is installed from Google Play, go to your app list/drawer and open Bubbler GPS. If this is your first time opening Bubbler GPS, you will automatically be sent to the Settings Dashboard where you will see a mixture of Red, Green and Grey lights. You must resolve any Red lights to be able to communicate with SpotWalla.com. (You may reach this page in the future by pressing the menu button on your phone from the Home screen of Bubbler GPS, or by selecting the the word "Settings" on the home page.)


Choose "Spotwalla Login" from the list. Enter your login and password to the SpotWalla.com website and click save. Wait a few moments while your account information is verified by SpotWalla.com, then click the "back" button on your phone to return to the Settings Dashboard.


If your SpotWalla Login now has a green light, choose "Spotwalla Device" from the dashboard. Choose the device you created above on the SpotWalla.com website. Wait a few moments while your device information is verified by SpotWalla.com, then click the "back" button on your phone to return to the Settings Dashboard. If no red lights appear, select the "back" button on your phone again to return to the home page.


Make sure the GPS on your phone is enabled, and Bubbler will begin to track your location and report that location to SpotWalla.com every 15 minutes (Lite), or 10 minutes (Pro), If a GPS signal is received.


You must move at least 100 meters from your last track point, for a new track point to be created at the next cycle.